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Elsbeth by CrescentMoon Elsbeth by CrescentMoon
"El destino no puede ser negado"

Fate cannot be denied. It sounds better in spanish :). In any case, thatīs what Elsbeth always thought, since the first time she saw a varisian tarot untill the very last moments of her life. She had strong beliefs in the magic behind the varisian tarot, which she used to enhance her magic powers and cast more powerful spells.
She was my friend Saraīs character in īthe setting "Rise of the Runelords" by Paizo. Our party dared destiny to defeat the growing power of the runelord Sorshen, mistress of Lust and Enchantment (the setting was modified by our Narrator to include Sorshen as the Big Boss).
The bad thing is that the end of the setting was the worst I have ever played. Sorshen had somehow become "one" with the demiplane she created and inhabited, and because of that she was specially difficult to kill. Permanently, I mean. As far as our character knew, she must be bleed to death and the artifact she used to rule over the plane, destroyed. Bleeding her to death was not easy, but still easier to destroy the artifact... because the plane was locked to travel, and destroying the artifact would probably destroy the plane as well. The ultimate sacrifice of the heroes, that they decided to take.
... but no, not all of them. Elsbeth believed in destiny. Maximillien, the paladin, also believed in destiny. My character Erundyl believed that, if detiny existed, she should be a whore as worth killing as Sorshen itself. With the magic provided by the last use of the varisian tarot, he escaped the plane just upon destroying the artifact, being the only survivor able to tell the tale.

That thing on her leg is a want carrier, with a magic "self-service" ad that provided the desired wand with one hit of her hip ;).
Elsbeth also wears very colorful clothes, due to her varisian heritage. It is a pity that the pic in in black and white :3

Elsbeth. Varisian half-elf sorceress with the "Destined" bloodline. Riuse of the Runelors, by Paizo, Pathfinder.


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Sarisgk Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2015
Uf, que lindos trabajos tienes, amo especialmente a Lia, pero éste también me encanta :)
CrescentMoon Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Muchas gracias! :D
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very beautiful :)
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Awesome character design! :D
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Viva el lápiz!
Muy padre :D
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I adore the skirts lady!
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